Welcome sports fans! If you are looking for opinions/news, videos, highlights, predictions, fantasy sports, and more, The Wild Pitch is the site for you. Whether it is baseball, football, basketball, or hockey, any sport goes at The Wild Pitch!



In my world, sports are what make the world go ’round. Ever since I can remember I have been more interested in sports, then just about anything. I admire all sports, but for me, nothing matches the beauty and perfection of the sport of baseball. With regards to ability, baseball was the sport I excelled at reaching the junior college level as a left-handed pitcher (hence the name The Wild Pitch).

With my playing days behind me, I have a void needing to be filled in my life. That’s why I created The Wild Pitch. It is a place for me to unload the countless amount of information and opinions I gather when it comes to sports.



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